Tired Of IPA..?

I am certainly not tired of the IPA style.  Or of the DIPA style.  That style of beer got me into drinking good beer, I owe my beer life to the IPA.  Specifically Stone Ruination.

However, I do like what these guys are doing.  This is a much better movement than the crazy extreme brews made with ridiculous ingredients just for the sake of it.  (I do not mean to disparage anyone from attending [as if] the Extreme Beer Fest, it will be sweet.)

If you’re looking for a unique-ish style to try I would recommend a gose, “a German-style wheat beer brewed with salt and the bacteria lactobacillus”.  One of my favorite breweries, Cisco Brewers, makes a delicious gose.  The head brewer at Cisco actually wades into the Atlantic for their salt water.

Anyway, check out this link and keep your eye out for any beer from Off Color Brewing.  The guys who started it are from Goose Island and Two Brothers so they kinda know what they’re doing.

Off Color Brewing creates unique beers.

Any favorite antique or “lost” styles of beer?