Beer. Not Just For Drinking Anymore

The Lodge at Woodloch has created another way for us all to enjoy beer, bathe in it.  The spa at the Lodge offers treatments that are “infused with Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch, a sweet-yet-dry beer. The body exfoliation using hops, barley and honey, followed by a beer bath and massage, starts at $250; a 50-minute pedicure beer foot bath is priced at $95. Occasionally, the spa offers a 25-minute hair beer rinse at $40.”  Its seems like Dogfish Head is the beer of choice for spa days.

The spa director had this to say, “Unknown to many, beer has some curative effects.”  I don’t know who she’s kidding but everybody knows beer has curative effects.  That’s why we do it!

A spa where you can bathe in beer – Yahoo Travel.