GMO Beer

Oooooo scary, GMOs.  It seems to me that the argument is over about the evil GMOs but I’m sure someone will say I’m wrong.  Despite their being a larger consensus on GMOs than global warming there is still huge pushback.  Check this site for some seriously good stuff.

I’ve been hoping for awhile that GMOs would make it into the brewing world, other than corn that is.  I want some cool new yeasts and hops and malt.  These folks think we could use some GMO too.

Now, I do see value to the German beer purity law.  And I see value in using non-GMO ingredients.  But to me using GMOs is just like creating the Black IPA or using new brewing techniques, another tool to use to further the craft.

What do you think?  And why do you hate GMO?

(Sierra Nevada is GMO-free but that picture is priceless)

Beer – GMO Database.