Oh God No!

This has been coming for some time now but that doesn’t make it any easier to handle, there’s a hop shortage.  Especially the aroma hops, which are mine and everybody else’s favorite.

“The United States produces the second most hops in the world, after Germany, according to data from Hop Growers of America. Washington state grows about 79 percent of U.S. hops, according to the USDA.

Washington farmers used to primarily grow alpha hops, which act as the bittering agent in beer, said Ann George, administrator for Hop Growers of America. At one point that made up about 70 percent of the state’s production.

But craft breweries demand aroma hops. This year, the amount of aroma and alpha hops were about even in Washington. George expects to see that grow to about 60 percent aroma hops in the next year.”

Some brewers of craft beers face hops shortage