Shameful. Just Shameful.

Empties: Mr Moreau and the driver left behind a collection of empty beer cans after dousing the blaze

“Captain Craig Moreau was off-duty returning from a weekend trip to Austin when he saw the burning 18-wheel truck on the side of a highway Monday and sprang into action to put out the blaze.

The driver told him the truck was hauling a load of beer. The pair soon started shaking and spraying cans of Rocky Mountain refreshment at the flames even as one of the tires exploded.


The beer finally helped quell the fire, the truck was saved.”

I’m happy the truck didn’t burn.  And I’m happy it was Coors and not Busch or any good craft beer.  But still, at least drink the beer and pee on the fire.

Texas firefighter uses beer to extinguish truck tire blaze