Craft Beer Is Racist

Michael Ferguson, of the BJ's Restaurants group, is one of only a small handful of African-Americans who make beer for a living.Not really.  Sensationalist title to get your attention, or is it!  Read these statistics…

“Whites are 65.6% of all beer drinkers and are two to five times as likely to pick up a craft beer as folks from any other race or ethnicity…African-American beer drinkers are 75% less likely to reach for a craft beer than the average drinker…Hispanic beer drinkers, who make up 14% of the overall population but 16.2% of all beer drinkers, are 17% more likely to go for a flavored malt beverage but 62% more inclined to go with an import…Women, meanwhile, are about 10% more likely than the average drinker to pick a flavored malt beverage and about 60% more likely to go that route than to pick a craft beer.”

Don’t get too upset though, there are some women who feel how we do.  But it is still pretty upsetting, the lack of diversity in the industry.  This NPR piece has some good info but nobody has ideas on how to be more inclusive.

“Craft brewing is rooted in home-brewing…And if you look at home-brewing, you see nerdy white guys playing Dungeons and Dragons and living in their mom’s basement, and I know this because I was and am one of them.”

I know this is only US info but its still overwhelmingly, uh, monochromatic…anybody got 2 cents to add?

Craft Beer Needs to Get Out More