Dronk Munks


Trappist ales have always seemed cool to me.  Friar Tuck was the coolest character in the Robin Hood stories (inarguable).  Now we (USA USA USA) have our own Trappist brewery.  The first of its kind not in Europe in fact.

“The monks at Saint Joseph’s Abby in Spencer are rolling out bottles of Spencer Trappist Ale brewed in a 36,000 square foot facility on the monastery grounds. The brewery will be the 9th Trappist brewery in the world, joining Chimay, Orval, and other well-known brands. Brother Isaac Keeley, who oversees brewery operations, calls Spencer’s beer a “refectory ale” in reference to the dining hall in which the monks take their meals. While the 63 members of the abbey community usually eat quickly and read with dinner, they will be allowed to drink beer with their food on Sunday nights.”

Well shit, when you’re a monk every night is Sunday night!  Amirite?

Spencer Trappist Ale launches in Mass.