Great Commentary On The 3-tier System

This article is a great headline but the most important part of it is the last paragraph.

“A newer change comes from New York, with its recent franchise law “carve out” law, allowing small brewers to more easily move from one distributor to another.  As we’ve seen with medical marijuana rules, the “carve out exception”  is likely going to be an idea that spreads, as Massachusetts is now considering a similar law for small brewers.  Both ideas – small brewer carve outs and medicinal marijuana – demonstrate the amazing ability of US states to act as policy laboratories, where successful experiments spread state-to-state.  As the beer industry moves forward, lawmakers, regulators, and citizens (24 states + DC have some form of citizen’s initiative) would be wise to take a page from marijuana and use other states’ experiences in tackling the issue of regulating an industry to continuously re-think the way the marketplace provides beer choice and access to consumers.  How beer will be regulated for the benefit of society, market, and consumer must be reexamined, before it is too late.”

What Can Beer Regulators Learn From Marijuana?.