This Is What I’m Saying!!

I recently said this!

Now, here’s the impact the brewing industry has on our state.

And now here’s the whole “Innovation Hub” idea.

Why can’t we, Western North Carolina, be the next “hub”?  This is my new project.

This and the Asheville Beer Price Index.


Craft beer in North Carolina is $791 million market


Global Beer Price Index/ABPI update

Awesome!  Just awesome someone did this.

And in other news, the first quarter numbers are in for the AVL Beer Price Index.  Remember, these prices are for NC craft beers only.

6-pack price: $9.74 ($8.37 sale)

Bomber price: $4.75

Draft price (full pint): $4.97

After a couple more quarters I’ll have a big enough data set for bomber sale price and draft sale/happy hour price.  I’m interested to see what effect, if any, these three big breweries moving into the area will have on pricing.


3 Tier System

Just imagine if that was all beer!

I recently came across this post on the Bruisin’ Ales blog lamenting the lack of consumer education about the 3-tier system.  I couldn’t find it in the archives though, sorry about that.

Then I came across this article educating us consumers!  Its a 4-part blog on the 3-tier system and very interesting.  I’d like to do a spotlight on this myself and see if there are some folks who have drawn different conclusions.



3 Tier System: Conclusions.

AVL Beer Price Index

This project is an attempt to track the price of NC craft beer in Asheville.  The AVL Beer Price Index (ABPI) will not compare costs from store to store.  Instead, it will be an average of prices from various retail and pub locations around the area.

The stores and bars chosen are based on my preference and are not by any means comprehensive.  Similarly, the beers represented in the ABPI are the most consistently available NC craft beers and the list is not comprehensive.  The ABPI will track the cost of six-packs and bombers from retailers and the cost of draft pints from bars.

This project was inspired by the Portland Beer Price Index.

Stay tuned for updates.