I Didn’t Wanat To Say Anything But…

This is kind of a big deal.  I didn’t want to add to the already too hype hype.

But, let’s not get too worked up.

Documentary puts local craft breweries in the spotlight


Days Late, Dollars Short

Jelly Belly/Facebook

I’ve been to the doggone Jelly Belly factory in whatever state its in.  I was there before Harry Potter was written into a book and they started making those weird tasting jelly beans.

I was there before your favorite flavor of jelly bean was buttered popcorn!

Jelly Belly Candy Company introduces ‘Draft Beer’-flavored jelly beans

Not AVL Beer…But…

I have had the privilege of having Hill Farmstead Brewery beers more than a couple of times.  If you’re from Vermont this is not a big deal.  If you’re not from Vermont this is either a huge deal or extremely confusing.  Allow me to explain…

Hill Farmstead makes the best beer I’ve ever had.  Choose your style, draw, Hill Farmstead wins.  So.  Damn.  Good.  I think Burial is hot on their heels though. 

Anyway, tons of article about Hill Farmstead out there today and I love ’em so…

Shaun Hill Is The Shit…

First Paragraph…

Beautiful Synthesis…

This Is What I’m Saying!!

I recently said this!

Now, here’s the impact the brewing industry has on our state.

And now here’s the whole “Innovation Hub” idea.

Why can’t we, Western North Carolina, be the next “hub”?  This is my new project.

This and the Asheville Beer Price Index.


Craft beer in North Carolina is $791 million market

Esprit Sauvage Was Better






Collaborations, nature, HISTORY!  Things I love.  And once again proving the superiority of all things AVL, a bottle shop in Cinci is naming themselves after one of its most prominent citizens.  Not Ochocinco…William Howard Taft.  (That’s his full name right?  Whatever.)

This man was POTUS and on the SCOTUS!  The only man to ever do that!  POTUS SCOTUS!  And all these fools could do was make fun of him for being too fat to get out of the tub?  POTUS SCOTUS!

Burial and ABC were more on point with Ella Fitz and Esprit Sauvage.


Taft’s Ale House eyes late year opening

Gotta Be A Joke

“You craft beer snobs are more focused on the quality of your beer and its ingredients than the things that actually sell beer. The shape of the can, and how two vents will release beer into your mouth quicker for example. Smoother liquid flow allows you to chug your beer faster so you can drink more of it. The shape of the vessel should always be more important than the contents within.
Side note to craft beer geeks: Chug means to guzzle watered down versions of a beer from a dirty can.”

In Defense of Fizzy Yellow Beer: A Craft Beer Lover’s Manifesto – San Diego craft beer