Beer is big business in Western North Carolina | The Asheville Citizen-Times |

Great article in the Citizen-Times about the craft beer industry here in AVL.

“The question is often asked — can Asheville support so many craft breweries? Is this just a fad that is sure to fade?”

I say, not by a long shot.

Beer is big business in Western North Carolina


Even Cupid Couldn’t Miss

This is a great list, but I think its missing a couple AVL aphrodisiacs…

Firstly, Oyster House Moonstone Oyster Stout.  Full of the Aphrodite holding aphrodisiac oyster.

Sexual Chocolate is there, and you can find it here, but we can find something closer.

My recommendation, Burial Esprit Sauvage Saison Imperial.  In my opinion this is the best AVL brewery and this is one of their best brews.  I’ve already done a tasting on it but I can’t stop buying bottles.  Really good stuff. | Find Love with Craft Beer Aphrodisiacs.

Holy Collaboration Batman!

“Holy Weed will be a Double IPA made with green tea leaves from Charleston Tea Plantation, brewed in collaboration with Luke and Walt Dickinson of Asheville’s Wicked Weed Brewing.”

I love collaborations!  And Wicked Weed is (one of) the best breweries in AVL’s ‘Brewery District’.  I wish I could get this beer bottled but looks like it’ll only be kegged.


Holy Weed Wicked Weed collaboration

I See In Your Future…

You already know I love collaborations.  But did you know that I also love nature?  Well I do.  That’s why I want this to happen soon with the WNC Nature Center and maybe Hi-Wire since they’re so philanthropic.  And maybe not maple but chestnut or sorghum or sassafras.

Mt. Carmel, Cincinnati Nature Center team up for maple syrup beer

Winter In Asheville, Nothing Like It

Ahhh, to live in Beer City USA.  What a wonderful place to be.  Sure it gets cold, but there’s the Christmas Jam, Winter Warmer, and now this.

Any other event I can get drunk at and then clean up?

Ratebeer Winter Gathering 2014

For reals though, the reason I’m a drunken janitor is cause brewers are really just glorified janitors who do some brewing and we get free beer.  Not disparaging the art or science of brewing but cleaning is the real work, amirite?

Hi-Wire Benefits WNC

Hi-Wire may be the most philanthropic brewery in the area.  They may not have the money to donate but boy do they give back.  Every Thursday a different charity is highlighted by donating a percentage of draft sales.

This Thursday is the Dogwood Alliance.  The Dogwood Alliance “mobilizes the public and exposes the truth about forest destruction to inspire individuals, communities, corporations, and government to take action while working collaboratively with industry leaders to put innovative business solutions to work.”

Drink Beer & Save Forests at Hi-Wire Brewing in Asheville

Great News AVL!

Ashevile Growler is working with Farm to Home Milk to deliver fresh growlers of beer right to your door.  Farm to Home does pretty cool stuff already so this cool stuff seems like a natural expansion.

Also, AVL Growler is pouring Burial beer now!

And thats a pretty sweet big accessory up there huh?  Check it out…

Home delivery of beer? Asheville Growler and Farm to Home Milk working on plan.