Gotdern Gubment!


Doesn’t look like we’ll be getting beer delivered to our door by drones anytime soon.  Even though these folks got champagne.  And in South Africa you can get beer delivered by drones at concerts.

FAA puts microbrewery’s drone beer delivery project on ice


Great Commentary On The 3-tier System

This article is a great headline but the most important part of it is the last paragraph.

“A newer change comes from New York, with its recent franchise law “carve out” law, allowing small brewers to more easily move from one distributor to another.  As we’ve seen with medical marijuana rules, the “carve out exception”  is likely going to be an idea that spreads, as Massachusetts is now considering a similar law for small brewers.  Both ideas – small brewer carve outs and medicinal marijuana – demonstrate the amazing ability of US states to act as policy laboratories, where successful experiments spread state-to-state.  As the beer industry moves forward, lawmakers, regulators, and citizens (24 states + DC have some form of citizen’s initiative) would be wise to take a page from marijuana and use other states’ experiences in tackling the issue of regulating an industry to continuously re-think the way the marketplace provides beer choice and access to consumers.  How beer will be regulated for the benefit of society, market, and consumer must be reexamined, before it is too late.”

What Can Beer Regulators Learn From Marijuana?.

Great News AVL!

Ashevile Growler is working with Farm to Home Milk to deliver fresh growlers of beer right to your door.  Farm to Home does pretty cool stuff already so this cool stuff seems like a natural expansion.

Also, AVL Growler is pouring Burial beer now!

And thats a pretty sweet big accessory up there huh?  Check it out…

Home delivery of beer? Asheville Growler and Farm to Home Milk working on plan.

Oh God No!

This has been coming for some time now but that doesn’t make it any easier to handle, there’s a hop shortage.  Especially the aroma hops, which are mine and everybody else’s favorite.

“The United States produces the second most hops in the world, after Germany, according to data from Hop Growers of America. Washington state grows about 79 percent of U.S. hops, according to the USDA.

Washington farmers used to primarily grow alpha hops, which act as the bittering agent in beer, said Ann George, administrator for Hop Growers of America. At one point that made up about 70 percent of the state’s production.

But craft breweries demand aroma hops. This year, the amount of aroma and alpha hops were about even in Washington. George expects to see that grow to about 60 percent aroma hops in the next year.”

Some brewers of craft beers face hops shortage

Pisgah Brewing Cans

“The official launch date for Pisgah’s new cans is set for Friday.  Cans arrive at the brewery on Thursday, and they’ll start canning on Friday Morning.  From what we’re told they’ll be trying to get 6 Packs into stores on Friday, but cans will definitely be available at the tap room that afternoon.  The release will be limited at first, as Pisgah works with current retail accounts to test the market, and we’ve gotten confirmation that Ingles Markets (which consistently has a great selection of local #AVLBeer for a supermarket) in Black Mountain, Swannanoa, Oteen, Tunnel Rd, Merrimon Ave, Weaverville, Haywood Rd, Hendersonville Rd., Long Shoals Rd, Fletcher, and the crazy huge Mills River superstore.  We’ll try and list other locations as we get them.”

1/10/14: Pisgah Pale…now in cans!.


I initially thought this was good news.  “NC-based Appalachian Mountain Brewery (now traded under HOPS) has become the fourth publicly-traded craft beer company in the US.”

Then I read the article and  thought this was bad news.  “AMB founder and CEO Sean Spiegelman told Brewbound that…potential is there for AMB to be carried across all of the Hooters Restaurants.”

After further reflection I think this is good news.  Eh, read it for yourself and decide.


It seems like another best of list has neglected the AVL beer scene.  But no fear, we can still write in our favorites that aren’t in the list provided.

It is a little disconcerting though, that the list requires there to be “wide draft distribution” of beers on the list but still has Hill Farmstead and Mikkeller and Three Floyds on there.  Not sure wide distribution would apply to anything they do.  Maybe that’s how they explain away giving WNC the cold shoulder.  Vote at the link below…

Best Craft Beer of 2013 Poll – thefullpint.com.