Hi-Wire Brewing

Best Of The Best

Hi-Wire wins RateBeer’s best new NC brewery award for 2103.

Meanwhile, executive director of RateBeer named Wicked Weed the best brewpub in NC.

Congrats y’all!



I See In Your Future…

You already know I love collaborations.  But did you know that I also love nature?  Well I do.  That’s why I want this to happen soon with the WNC Nature Center and maybe Hi-Wire since they’re so philanthropic.  And maybe not maple but chestnut or sorghum or sassafras.

Mt. Carmel, Cincinnati Nature Center team up for maple syrup beer

Hi-Wire Benefits WNC

Hi-Wire may be the most philanthropic brewery in the area.  They may not have the money to donate but boy do they give back.  Every Thursday a different charity is highlighted by donating a percentage of draft sales.

This Thursday is the Dogwood Alliance.  The Dogwood Alliance “mobilizes the public and exposes the truth about forest destruction to inspire individuals, communities, corporations, and government to take action while working collaboratively with industry leaders to put innovative business solutions to work.”

Drink Beer & Save Forests at Hi-Wire Brewing in Asheville

Quick, More Beer!

Yea yea, old news alcohol in “moderate” amounts is good for you.  But wait, there’s more!

“Research at Ghent University in Belgium showed that hops in beer stop the spread of cancer from one organ to another part of the body. The findings showed that drinking beer in moderation halved the chances of having an enlarged prostate which could lead to prostate cancer. In another study in the division of Toxicology and Cancer Risk Factors at Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum in Germany, hops have shown to prevent breast cancer.”

Try pronouncing the name of that place in Germany after having your medicine…


Beer helps reduce risk of cancer – Manila Standard Today.


It seems like another best of list has neglected the AVL beer scene.  But no fear, we can still write in our favorites that aren’t in the list provided.

It is a little disconcerting though, that the list requires there to be “wide draft distribution” of beers on the list but still has Hill Farmstead and Mikkeller and Three Floyds on there.  Not sure wide distribution would apply to anything they do.  Maybe that’s how they explain away giving WNC the cold shoulder.  Vote at the link below…

Best Craft Beer of 2013 Poll – thefullpint.com.

Super Stout Storm

Its freezing everywhere and we all need to keep warm.  Some people use sweatshirts or blankets or snuggies.  I use stout.  And imperial stout.  And barrel-aged stout.

So, I’ve chosen 26(!) beers to try tonight.  I’ll have help but still, it’ll be a long haul.  Because of this I’m not gonna do typical tasting notes.  I’m not a BJCP judge anyway so I won’t pretend.  Instead I’m gonna drink them all and chose a couple of my favorites to tell y’all about.

Here goes (in no particular order)…

Olde Hickory Hickory Stick Stout

Hoppin’ Frog B.O.R.I.S. The Crusher Oatmeal-Imperial Stout

Blue Mountain Barrel House Dark Hollow Bourbon Bbl-aged        Imp. Stout

EvilTwin Brewing Imperial Biscotti Break Imp. Stout

Highland Brewing Company Black Mocha Stout

Boulevard Brewing Smokestack Series Imp. Stout

Cisco Brewers Russian Imp. Stout

Iron Fist Brewing Velvet Glove Stout

Founders Brewing Breakfast Stout

Thirsty Dog Brewing Siberian Night Imp. Stout

Sierra Nevada Stout

EvilTwin Brewing Aun Mas a Jesus Imp. Stout

Terrapin Beer Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout

Pisgah Brewing Vortex II Imp. Stout

Caldera Brewing Old Growth Imp. Stout

Weyerbacher Brewing Tiny Belgian-style Imp. Stout

Hi-Wire Brewing Strongman Coffee Milk Stout

Lagunitas Brewing Imp. Stout

Mikkeller Black Hole Stout

Hill Farmstead Brewery Genealogy of Morals Bourbon Bbl-aged Imp. Stout

EvilTwin Brewing Aun Mas Cafe Jesus Imp. Coffee Stout

Duck-Rabbit Brewery Milk Stout

Big Boss Brewing Aces & Ates Coffee Stout

Goose Island Beer Bourbon County Brand Stout Bourbon Bbl-aged

Green Man Brewery The Dweller Imp. Stout

Hill Farmstead Brewery Earl Coffee Oatmeal Stout

(Updates tomorrow)

Hi-Wire Seasonal Release

Hi-Wire is adding another seasonal release.  The Contortionist Black IPA promises to be delicious as it is brewed by the guys at Hi-Wire!  Stop by the taproom cause its awesome and pick up some bottles cause they’re awesome!

Just to pick nits, I think the industry should adopt the Cascade Dark IPA or just plain Dark IPA designation for these beers.  I’m not race-sensitive typically but for some reason this entire style of beer feels ill-named to me.