This Article Is A Farce

This article is just ridiculous.  “Beyond-bourbon barrel”(sic)..?  You think schochu or whatever it’s called is beyond bourbon barrels?!  I’ll tell you what’s beyond bourbon barrels…


And I can’t find anything about this but wouldn’t it be sweet if there were some casks made out of some specific set of hard minerals?  Like, I’m making a stout and want some more of whatever the fuck it is to give it body and so I age it with some bourbon barrel chips in this stone cask.

Whaddaya think?


10 beyond-bourbon barrel-aged beers


Days Late, Dollars Short

Jelly Belly/Facebook

I’ve been to the doggone Jelly Belly factory in whatever state its in.  I was there before Harry Potter was written into a book and they started making those weird tasting jelly beans.

I was there before your favorite flavor of jelly bean was buttered popcorn!

Jelly Belly Candy Company introduces ‘Draft Beer’-flavored jelly beans

Esprit Sauvage Was Better






Collaborations, nature, HISTORY!  Things I love.  And once again proving the superiority of all things AVL, a bottle shop in Cinci is naming themselves after one of its most prominent citizens.  Not Ochocinco…William Howard Taft.  (That’s his full name right?  Whatever.)

This man was POTUS and on the SCOTUS!  The only man to ever do that!  POTUS SCOTUS!  And all these fools could do was make fun of him for being too fat to get out of the tub?  POTUS SCOTUS!

Burial and ABC were more on point with Ella Fitz and Esprit Sauvage.


Taft’s Ale House eyes late year opening

Beer. Not Just For Drinking Anymore

The Lodge at Woodloch has created another way for us all to enjoy beer, bathe in it.  The spa at the Lodge offers treatments that are “infused with Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch, a sweet-yet-dry beer. The body exfoliation using hops, barley and honey, followed by a beer bath and massage, starts at $250; a 50-minute pedicure beer foot bath is priced at $95. Occasionally, the spa offers a 25-minute hair beer rinse at $40.”  Its seems like Dogfish Head is the beer of choice for spa days.

The spa director had this to say, “Unknown to many, beer has some curative effects.”  I don’t know who she’s kidding but everybody knows beer has curative effects.  That’s why we do it!

A spa where you can bathe in beer – Yahoo Travel.








“Icelandic brewer Steðji brewery and whaling company Hvalur teamed up to release the beer to coincide with a mid-winter festival in honor of the Norse god Thor.”  In case that quote was unclear, they’re making a beer with whale meat.  What type of whale is unspecified everywhere I’ve looked.

The brewery website is in, uh, Icelandic? But here’s a link to a story written in english and full of outrage


It seems like another best of list has neglected the AVL beer scene.  But no fear, we can still write in our favorites that aren’t in the list provided.

It is a little disconcerting though, that the list requires there to be “wide draft distribution” of beers on the list but still has Hill Farmstead and Mikkeller and Three Floyds on there.  Not sure wide distribution would apply to anything they do.  Maybe that’s how they explain away giving WNC the cold shoulder.  Vote at the link below…

Best Craft Beer of 2013 Poll –