This Article Is A Farce

This article is just ridiculous.  “Beyond-bourbon barrel”(sic)..?  You think schochu or whatever it’s called is beyond bourbon barrels?!  I’ll tell you what’s beyond bourbon barrels…


And I can’t find anything about this but wouldn’t it be sweet if there were some casks made out of some specific set of hard minerals?  Like, I’m making a stout and want some more of whatever the fuck it is to give it body and so I age it with some bourbon barrel chips in this stone cask.

Whaddaya think?


10 beyond-bourbon barrel-aged beers


Days Late, Dollars Short

Jelly Belly/Facebook

I’ve been to the doggone Jelly Belly factory in whatever state its in.  I was there before Harry Potter was written into a book and they started making those weird tasting jelly beans.

I was there before your favorite flavor of jelly bean was buttered popcorn!

Jelly Belly Candy Company introduces ‘Draft Beer’-flavored jelly beans

Nooooo!!! Wait, What Was That?

This reminds me of two of my favorite bumperstickers/posters.  The first, “Warning: Drinking alcohol could cause memory loss.  Or even worse, memory loss.”  And the second, “In dog beers I’ve only had one.”  And of course who can forget the Buffalo Theory, which this refutes.

This is still horrible news.  Luckily, I won’t remember it.

Two pints of beer a day speeds up memory loss in middle-aged men

They Could Use This In West Virginia

“Alcohol may not solve all our problems, but it can solve at least one: A researcher in Scotland has found a way to purify arsenic-tainted water with the barley husks leftover from making whiskey.”

I’m thinking this could be another use for spent grains and maybe even another form of income for brewers.  Breweries are all industrial sites so they have to have special filtration for waste water already, why not make your own?

Scientist Discovers How to Clean Up Poison Water With Whisky Leftovers.

And In Local News…

Work is continuing on the New Belgium site in the River Arts District.  As is expected they are taking great care with the environment during the building process.  Gotta keep that French Broad clean.

But if you’re concerned, “the state will take public comment through Feb. 13. If no substantial issues are raised, the plan will be approved.”  Gotta keep that community involvement goin.


New Belgium site shapes up; comment on brownfield

Qu’est-ce Que C’est?

oskar blues crowler

Growlers just don’t last long enough.  Cans aren’t fresh enough. Waah waah!

Stop crying baby, the Crowler is here!  “A Crowler (CAN + growler) is a 32-ounce CAN filled with fresh craft beer from the source. Yep, draft beer in a portable growler-sized CAN.”

Unfortunately, the Crowler is only meant to be filled once.  But still, seriously fresh beer in cans.  I’m not grabbing cans from a store for my next hike, I’m grabbing Crowlers.

Oskar Blues Brewery Now Filling Specialty Beer CROWLERS™

The Way I Work: Ken Grossman

Sierra Nevada has been the best at quality control forever.  I’m sure everyone who has home brewed or worked at a brewery is envious of their QC lab.  I am.  And you should be.

Here’s what I really want though:  “a very fancy instrument, an EPR spectrometer, for $250,000. You can put hops, beer, or whatever you want to analyze into the machine, and it separates out each compound and its aroma. So if I think, This is a great aroma; where did it come from? I can see it’s from this malt or that variety of hop.”

So damn cool.  But Mr. Grossman is straight up frozen he’s so cool.  “I’m convinced that our success is driven by our focus on quality. We do things that most small brewers would consider labor intensive and expensive. For instance, we use whole cone hops instead of pellets–hops that have been pulverized and compressed. Pellets are easier to store and last longer, but I think whole cone makes better tasting beer. We never really advertised much, and we still don’t. I’ve always thought it was better to focus on our beer.

We have a very advanced research and development team that I meet with every week to go over new ideas and discuss results. For instance, there might be a new bottle-cap lining material we want to try. Most liners are made out of PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, which is banned in many European countries. Ours are not–we use a blend of food-safe plastics. We’ve been working to find the Holy Grail of bottle-cap liners–something that doesn’t impart any flavor or odor while preventing oxygen from migrating back through the plastic into the beer. A lot of our research has been done around finding material that doesn’t scalp, or absorb the aromas from the beer. I’m techy, and finding the Holy Grail of bottle-cap linings is really important to me”

More at the link on how Grossman runs the brand.

The Way I Work: Ken Grossman, Sierra Nevada |