Burial Beer Co.

Even Cupid Couldn’t Miss

This is a great list, but I think its missing a couple AVL aphrodisiacs…

Firstly, Oyster House Moonstone Oyster Stout.  Full of the Aphrodite holding aphrodisiac oyster.

Sexual Chocolate is there, and you can find it here, but we can find something closer.

My recommendation, Burial Esprit Sauvage Saison Imperial.  In my opinion this is the best AVL brewery and this is one of their best brews.  I’ve already done a tasting on it but I can’t stop buying bottles.  Really good stuff.


CraftBeer.com | Find Love with Craft Beer Aphrodisiacs.


Not AVL Beer…But…

I have had the privilege of having Hill Farmstead Brewery beers more than a couple of times.  If you’re from Vermont this is not a big deal.  If you’re not from Vermont this is either a huge deal or extremely confusing.  Allow me to explain…

Hill Farmstead makes the best beer I’ve ever had.  Choose your style, draw, Hill Farmstead wins.  So.  Damn.  Good.  I think Burial is hot on their heels though. 

Anyway, tons of article about Hill Farmstead out there today and I love ’em so…

Shaun Hill Is The Shit…

First Paragraph…

Beautiful Synthesis…

Esprit Sauvage Was Better






Collaborations, nature, HISTORY!  Things I love.  And once again proving the superiority of all things AVL, a bottle shop in Cinci is naming themselves after one of its most prominent citizens.  Not Ochocinco…William Howard Taft.  (That’s his full name right?  Whatever.)

This man was POTUS and on the SCOTUS!  The only man to ever do that!  POTUS SCOTUS!  And all these fools could do was make fun of him for being too fat to get out of the tub?  POTUS SCOTUS!

Burial and ABC were more on point with Ella Fitz and Esprit Sauvage.


Taft’s Ale House eyes late year opening

Great News AVL!

Ashevile Growler is working with Farm to Home Milk to deliver fresh growlers of beer right to your door.  Farm to Home does pretty cool stuff already so this cool stuff seems like a natural expansion.

Also, AVL Growler is pouring Burial beer now!

And thats a pretty sweet big accessory up there huh?  Check it out…

Home delivery of beer? Asheville Growler and Farm to Home Milk working on plan.

Quick, More Beer!

Yea yea, old news alcohol in “moderate” amounts is good for you.  But wait, there’s more!

“Research at Ghent University in Belgium showed that hops in beer stop the spread of cancer from one organ to another part of the body. The findings showed that drinking beer in moderation halved the chances of having an enlarged prostate which could lead to prostate cancer. In another study in the division of Toxicology and Cancer Risk Factors at Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum in Germany, hops have shown to prevent breast cancer.”

Try pronouncing the name of that place in Germany after having your medicine…


Beer helps reduce risk of cancer – Manila Standard Today.


It seems like another best of list has neglected the AVL beer scene.  But no fear, we can still write in our favorites that aren’t in the list provided.

It is a little disconcerting though, that the list requires there to be “wide draft distribution” of beers on the list but still has Hill Farmstead and Mikkeller and Three Floyds on there.  Not sure wide distribution would apply to anything they do.  Maybe that’s how they explain away giving WNC the cold shoulder.  Vote at the link below…

Best Craft Beer of 2013 Poll – thefullpint.com.

Esprit Sauvage

I’m Drinking: Esprit Sauvage


The second in the Asheville Brewing Company and Burial Beer collaboration Asheville Afterlife series, Esprit Sauvage is a fruity saison with very little wheat flavor and a very nice dry finish.  As an imperial it weighs in at 8.7% but the alcohol isn’t overwhelming.  This is one of the tastiest beers I’ve had in a while.

From the Bottle:  “From the flames, escaped a great mind.  Out of the smoke, a wild spirit was set free.  An intellectual by day, the original flapper by night, one great AVL alum celebrated the grand elegance of Parisian spectacle.  Our homage is an imperial tribute to the classic golden saison of Wallonia, where European wheat and French-grown hops forge a depiction of herb gardens, citrus fruit and blended peppercorns.  Its grandeur is deserved of your wildest spirit – so let it all out.”

The label art and description are perfect for this vividly flavorful beer.  If you can find this beer get some for tonight and some to lay down for a year or two.